So Stackblitz is pretty awesome!


I've recently seen Stackblitz taking over when it comes to documentation for frameworks and similar with it being the defacto choice of playground for those that I use on a day to day basis.

Knowing this I thought I'd experiment with it in my prior article, using it to showcase the implementation of a layout system for Vue (3).

Initially I thought it would be much the same as Codesandbox where I can either start a new playground or import a github repository. Fortunately, I was totally wrong and without even so much as needing an account I am able to quickly view a github repository and start the accompanying dev server.

Honestly it's shocking how good this is! I was already super happy with for being able to view a repository without needing to pull it locally, but this just takes it a step further.

I'm yet to see how the editing experience compares with Github, I imagine it won't be quite as good. But I've never particularly found myself coding in a Web IDE all that much except for back in the old Cloud9 days (circa 2014).

That said, I really do hope the team roll out a light theme soon as my eyes really can't take the darker themes.

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